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It isn't easy being green

At Folsetter, we are concerned about our impact on the environment.  We know that the very nature of our industry is harmful to the environment.  It is important to us that we minimize any effect our actions may have on the environment and maximize the good we can do as a company. 


Below are a few of the things we do as a company as part of our effort to be green. We're always looking for more ways to recycle and reduce energy waste, so if you have any ideas, please contact us!


-All cardboard and paper is recycled - this means every scrap from large boxes to the smallest piece of notepaper!

-All scrap wire and metal is recycled - copper, aluminum, etc.



-All lamps containing mercury - fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent, as well as mercury thermostats are packaged in special containers and delivered to a recycling facility.

-We use reusable canvas drop cloths instead of disposable plastic and we wash them with detergent containing no phosphates. 

-All recyclable plastics (#'s 1-7) are recycled.



-Wherever possible, we recommend customers install low voltage lighting, programmable thermostats, and other energy saving devices. 

-We try to provide EnergyStar rated products - such as the Panasonic bathroom vent fans.


We have a plan to continue to implement energy saving processes in our company, reduce the impact we have by recycling and lowering our vehicle emissions.  At this time, hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles of the type that we require are not readily available or affordable.  Our goal is to replace our fleet with alternative fuel/hybrid vehicles as soon as it's financially and logistically possible.