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How to Hire and Work with an Electrician

Ask Questions - it can be a daunting task to look for and choose a contractor for your home - especially in an area which you may not have much knowledge.  It is important to ask a lot of questions and seek multiple quotes for larger projects.

Cheaper is Not Better - Don't just go with the first estimate you receive and certainly don't go with the lowest just to save money!!  There is often an reason an estimate is low - that contractor may not be including everything you'll need to for the work on your home.  He  may not be properly insured, not reporting all of his income, not pulling a permit, hiring illegal workers, or taking shortcuts in his work that save him money, but endanger you and your family.

Weigh All Factors - Meet your contractor face to face, talk with him and you'll know if he's someone you want in your home.  Does he offer suggestions or alternatives to help with your project?  Does he show interest in your project?  He should be willing to pull a permit and work with other contractors.

Involve Electrician at Start of Project - Many people think they don't need an electrician when they are in the budgeting, design and planning phases.  In fact, it could save you money to involve your electrician early!  Once you have a general idea of the scope of the project, many electricians can give you a ball park range to help with your budgeting.  More importantly, they can help you avoid costly electrical wiring corrections done to accommodate a design factor that might have been avoided before you began to build.  Once you have plans by a builder or architect, any competent electrician can then look at the plans with your specifications and provide a detailed and relatively accurate estimate.  This is the best time to send out the plans to multiple electricians for quotes.  What is going to change the price from the estimate is when you or your builder make any changes to what was originally in the plans.  Some changes are small, but some changes, while they seem simple enough from a building perspective, can cause great headaches and cost for the electrical plan - so check with your electrician first!

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